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St. Mary's Hospital Expansion

St. Mary's Hospital Expansion

The St. Mary's Hospital Expansion includes roughly $9.5 million of new electrical work. This project includes a power house addition, a new in-patient facility and new parking ramp. Work began in 2006 and was finished in spring of 2007. The completed power house contains four 2 megawatt, 4.16 kilovolt Caterpillar generators and a completely revamped medium voltage power distribution system. The new generators provide emergency power and can deliver enough electricity to power the entire St. Mary's hospital for days on end, if necessary. The primary power comes into the building at 13.8 kilovolts to a 6 section S&C metal clad switchboard installed by H&H Electric, then gets transformed by MG&E to 4.16 kilovolts and sent back to General Electric switchgear in the power plant that H&H Electric also installed. The General Electric equipment includes medium voltage switches and paralleling gear and is made up of some 25 pieces of gear all field installed and wired by H&H Electric. The completed power house is state of the art and gives the Hospital the ability to load shed and provide reliable backup emergency power well into the future.

UW Heliport

UW Heliport

The UW Heliport requires six different electrical systems, all with separate conduit runs and some with different voltages. It is mandatory that the entire heliport area be energized at all times. In the event of a power shutoff, emergency power is also required. Because an existing penthouse was chosen as a site for the heliport, it was necessary to demolish and relocate vital electrical services. "Feeder" conduit runs were then pulled up through chases to the two-level Heliport facility. Crews worked six day weeks and multiple shifts to meet the completion date of October 1st, 2006. Temporary power for the tower crane was also critical, as storage space was at an absolute premium. Once primary power was in place, crews wired for the variety of systems; emergency power, critical power, life safety, data, controls, hangar doors, safeties and fire alarms. Fuel pumping for the aircraft was a critical issue. With the main fuel supply located on the ground floor, much attention was given to adequately pumping fuel to dispensers located in the hangar area.

H&H Electric - Grainger Hall, UW Madison

Grainger Hall, UW Madison

H&H Electric installed all the electrical, voice/data and fire alarm systems for this new, four story addition to the business school. The fire alarm system was upgraded and is now entirely housed in the new wing. State of the art lighting controls for classrooms, voice/data for offices and a large UPS (uninterrupted power supply) were some of the many features in this project. The project was completed in August of 2008.



Chadbourne Hall Exterior

Chadbourne Barnard Hall Electrical Renovation

The Chadbourne and Barnard Hall Residence Hall Renovation project was a complete electrical renovation of all twelve floors of Chadbourne Hall. A thirteenth floor mechanical penthouse includes elevator equipment room, new air handling units – upgraded power distribution was provided for these. The project included a 100% voice data/cable/fire alarm/security installation, all new switchgear and elevator power relocation on each floor. New lighting throughout the building with motion control in specific areas was required. Being located on the UW Madison Campus meant all major work had to be completed during summer months in 2009 and 2010. Construction projects on the UW Madison Campus always present logistical challenges and this project was no exception. Project Managers also worked with the Electrical Engineers to redesign bus duct wireways to a more manageable size and diameter.

As University Students are the ultimate “customers” on a residence hall project, attention to detail was paramount. Regular meetings to determine construction progress and quality control were very helpful. With a short construction schedule, emphasis was placed on creating an electrical infrastructure that will enable future additions and changes to be made in a much more cost effective manner.

School of Education

UW School of Education Building Remodel & Addition

The 100 year old School of Education building on the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus underwent a complete remodel and addition. Work was completed in the fall of 2010. The existing School of Education was completely gutted and the entire electrical service was upgraded. New lighting, with fixtures matching the originals, was installed along with fire alarm, audio visual, telecommunications, elevator power and security. Great care was taken by the University and all contractors to ensure that the historic integrity of the building was preserved. An auditorium style classroom on the southeast corner of the building was converted to a more intimate single floor room. A new type of panel board/switch board from Cutler, with transformers built directly into the distribution panels was used. This reduced material and labor cost for the project.

A five story 108,000 square foot addition was adjoined to the existing building. A large atrium, with conference rooms on the perimeter, is the centerpiece of the addition. A 250 kilowatt generator provides emergency power for critical loads during outages. Telecom rooms are located on each of the four floors with complete racking and distribution, including a main communication distribution room on the ground floor. A garden area with views of Lake Mendota and indirect path lighting was built above the new parking garage.

The School of Education building originally housed Mechanical Engineering Studies until the early 1950's when Education became the sole occupant.

A complete description of the project can be found here.

UW Computer Science

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Computer Science

H&H Electric provided the electrical contracting work at the UW Computer Science and Statistics building to convert a student study room into a new electrical equipment room. This room now houses new transformers, switchboards and emergency distribution equipment. H&H replaced aging electrical equipment and made modifications, which will now provide reliable and redundant systems for the building and its data centers. The roof above became home for two Generac 600 kW bi-fuel (diesel/natural gas) engine generator sets to supply emergency power to the life safety systems and critical loads associated with the data center. Dry-type building transformers were replaced with two new 1,500 kV oil-filled insulated substation type transformers to service the entire building. The new main switchboard allows isolation of either transformer in the event of a failure or to facilitate maintenance and testing. Each transformer is capable of serving the entire facility demand. With on-site storage being a major challenge, all equipment was craned over power lines and railroad tracks, to the location. Conduit between switchgear and distribution equipment presented another sizable challenge. Foreman Mark LeMoine made changes in the switchgear floor plan to accommodate space limitations. A majority of the conduit run design was conceived on site, during installation – no small feat, as most of the piping used was three or four inch in diameter. The UW Computer Science Electrical upgrade was completed in fall of 2010.